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The future of Dove-Audio

I think everyone is aware of the chip shortage that has been on going for a while now and it’s sadly showing very little sign of improving for the 12 to 18 months. It’s not just chips either, connectors, potentiometers, switches, everything has gone long lead time.

Add in the growing rate of inflation, cost of living crises that’s happening in the UK as well as a number of personal changes in my life, I’m considering the future of Dove-Audio and synths.

In my life, Suzi is keeping me very busy and I am really enjoying the morning walks, which take around an hour and we go through some beautiful countryside.

Suzi Saluki
Morning mist
Early morning sunrise

I’m also continuing my counseling, which is really helping me slow down and think a lot about myself and I’m learning a lot about how I think. Also the depression is subsiding, I still have the odd “grey” day, but on the whole things are improving and I’m learning to enjoy life.

Add in that I am really enjoying my day job, and it’s keeping me very busy, I am going to say that Dove-Audio will be “going into hibernation” for a while, I’ll keep an eye on things, but in all honesty it’s likely to be 12 months or so before I have a product that I can sell.

Sleeping Suzi and Dove-Audio

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop developing, just that development isn’t my highest priority right now. Development of my poly-synth, sequencer, voice module and complope modules will continue, I’ll update progress for the modules on the Dove Audio page – Development – Dove Audio ( As for the poly, things are going well, and once I have somethings to show and demonstrate I’ll make a video.

I’ll still be blogging about random bits and things, and I will post some sounds from Delta, and a few pictures as it develops.

So please, stay safe, look after your loved ones and yourself.

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