Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

A few months back (about 3 if I recall) I got in touch with the people at Groove Synthesis about their 3rd wave, and I purchased one. Now I’m a huge fan of wavetable synths and this having 3 oscillators, lots of wavetables and a bunch of other cool features was a chance not to miss.

Having owned a PPG Wave 2.2, PRK, EVU and Waveterm I was quite ready to be disappointed and frustrated with the 3rd wave. I was pleasantly proved wrong, very wrong.

The third wave is just incredible, you can read up on the specs online, but it sounds amazing and the fact it has 24 voices is just plain bonkers (in a good way).

So I made some sounds for the 3rd Wave and did a video for it, which I shared with the people at Groove Synthesis, who liked it enough to put it online (I did say they could if they wanted). I want to be clear, I purchased this synth, I had no obligation to make a video or make some sounds. But here is a link to the video, enjoy;

A few of my sounds

Now, I’m not someone who has a lot of patience with menu diving and one thing I love about the third wave is that there is very little of it, it’s very quick and simple to navigate and easy to use. It also feels like an instrument made to last, not a plastic toy made to last just beyond it’s warranty.

A few people have asked about sharing my patches so here they are to download for free, if you like them and wish to, then you’re welcome to send me a coffee or cake my my Ko-Fi page.

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