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Walks, Delta and dogs

The weather here has been cold of the last weeks and yes we had snow, which Suzi was really confused about, she kept running and trying to eat it, rolling in it and generally seeming to enjoy the experience which was wonderful to see.

During these walks the colours of the sky are often quite amazing, so I take some pictures, here are a couple from recent days (before the snow).

Taken around 7:15AM, facing west
Taken the following day and facing south.

I’m no photographer but I can appreciate the colours 🙂


Delta is now playable, I can set a default patch (pushing a button and it sends a string of commands to the FPGA) and play it via MIDI it does sound really nice, it has 16 filter modes, and most sound great, but one or two are a bit “Meh”, I’m hoping that when modulation is in these will sound more lively.

I’m currently working on the user interface (UI) so I can edit parameters, but there are nearly a lot of parameters as it has a lot of modulation, so making the UI work properly is proving challenging, but it’ll be worth it to be able to fully edit sounds.

I’m already beginning to think of a UI for a desktop version, and yes I’d like to build a keyboard version so that UI is also mulling over in the back of my mind.

Mental Health (or the black dog)

My mood continues to remain poor, getting out of bed is difficult, the reward is a walk with Suzi so that helps, but generally my lack of mojo is really making doing anything difficult right now.
I’m trying to keep working on Delta to help keep my mind busy, but sometimes all I can do is flop on the sofa, curl up and watch old black and white movies.
The cold, dark, short days and closing of Dove really don’t help, but I know it will pass.

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