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Life and Delta

I’ve succumbed to the dreaded black dog that is depression again, but with the help of my partner, Jayne, I’m getting better. She is very good at looking after me and helping me avoid pitfalls.

Jayne is also improving, she nearly ended up having emergency surgery, but has pulled through and we’re waiting to see the consultant early April to find out what can be done to stop this from happening again (this has happened before, and will happen to her again).

In the meantime I’ve been taking time to enjoy walking with my dog, Suzi, and appreciate some of the good things in my life, like Jayne, Suzi, my mum and my close friends. We’re blessed by living in a small village (though housing companies keep wanting to build here sadly) which means lots of lovely long walks for Suzi. Our Saturday morning walks are around 4 miles and take about 2 hours and when it’s not raining heavily, I really enjoy the time and the walk.

Here are a couple of pictures taken on our walk;

Suzi and me in shadow.
Such a beautiful view

With regards to delta, it’s now saving and loading patches, it has one small problem which will be fixed soon. I’ve also begun talking to a designer about the final case, which is looking promising. In the meantime I’ve got a simple front panel made up and I shall be building myself a simple wooden case so I can take it to people and show them to see what they think.
Hopefully there will be some pictures of the temporary case/panel in the near future.

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