Repairs,  Synths,  TTL CPU


I thought I’d move away from so called “social media” due to the increase in far right extremism, bigotry and general hatred in the world. This is a shame as I’ll miss a lot of the people I follow on twatter, faceprat and so on, but for my own mental health it’s time to move on.

So I’m here to talk about random tech things I find interesting, maybe update on some of the more tech points of my synthesiser projects and certainly share posts of the odd repair job I do.

I’m also working with a friend, Jon, on building a CPU entirely out of TTL logic chips which is called PJ5 and you can find more info on our blog and some videos on YouTube.

I’m also well known for building synthesisers, for example, the Monowave, GorF and most of all the Modal 002. I now run a small cottage industry (on my own) called Dove Audio making modules for 5U modular synthesisers.

Here are a few pictures of things I’ve worked on, I hope you enjoy them and come back soon 🙂

electronics and synth nerd.