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No longer blowing fuses, but….

Having swapped out the bridge rectifier for a high power one and used nice high grade thermal paste I was able to power up the PSU and sure enough, it worked, I can measure the voltages and the mains fuse does not blow.

it's alive
It lives!! we have 12V coming out of the once dead bridge rectifier

Awesome, I’m really chuffed with this. So I assembled everything (about 2 hours) and powered her on.
Only to discover another fault… ARGH!!!

no quite there yet
Almost all the lights

Sadly, the -12V rail is dead… Now I’m imagining the worst, so I decide to check the -12V fuse and well, it’s blown. Upon checking someone has replaced the 2A anti surge fuse with a a 1.5A standard blow fuse. So I power off, quickly swapped the +12V fuse into it and sure enough the -12V comes up.
So I’ve ordered some 1.25″ long fuses with the correct rating and when they arrive we’ll resume testing, but I’m feeling quietly confident that we’re nearly there.

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