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    The Black dog and a white dog

    Some of you know that I struggle with depression, I make no secret of it. I don’t talk about it much as it is not an easy thing to discuss, and a large portion of society would rather not hear.Well, for the moment the black dog (depression) is visiting again and I’m struggling, I’m exhausted (for many reasons) and that isn’t helping. Like many I’m worrying about the economy, keeping a job and a roof over my head as well as paying bills. Also, the UK government is getting worse and worse, with more corruption and bigotry as the days go by, I used to be proud to be british,…

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    GRC and Suzie

    My Partner and I are concerned about the growing right wing (or fascist) government and their policies. So before they make it impossible to do so we have both applied for our Gender Recognition Certificate, or GRC. This allows us to change our brother certificates and use our new names to get married, rather than our old names. The process is quite intense, you have to provide 4 pieces of evidence of your new name for each of the last 2 years , from different companies e.g. bank statement, driving license, insurance, etc. Its actually a lot, remember the 8 should all be different and cover each quarter of the…

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    Please meet Suzie

    It’s been a while since I shared my life with a dog, the last being Stevie who sadly died at 12 in 2015. At my day job, Space Forge (awesome company) we’re allowed to bring in dogs, and one of the people has been bringing in her pup Sunny (below) and I love dogs, I love playing with them, fussing them and being around them. And for several months I’ve come to realise how much I would love to share my life with a dog again.So I began looking, and sending my partner Jayne pictures of various dogs, then one day, by pure chance I found a picture of Suzie…